Additional Services

Tree Shaking:

The shaking process removes any debris that has accumulated naturally over the tree’s growth period. This aids in keeping your home clean during tree set up and also removal at the end of the Christmas season.

Tree Baling:

Baling trees consist of pulling a tree through a specially designed funnel which compresses the tree and covers it with a plastic mesh securely holding in the branches. This process makes it safer and easier for you to transport your tree home and into the house. The baling process in no way damages the appearance of the tree. Once the netting is removed, the tree fluffs back out into its original shape.

Loading Tree:

We have twine available for you to secure your tree in or on your vehicle. If you need assistance we will help load and secure your tree.

Wreaths and Other Goodies:

In addition to trees, we also sell wreaths and tree stands in The Old Barn Shoppe. On the weekends, we have Hot Chocolate, Baked Goods, Hot Boiled Peanuts, and other treats.

old barn wreaths