About Us

The Old Barn Christmas Tree Farm has been a family operated farm since 1930 when it was purchased by W.B. Slaughter.  It is now owned and operated by Bill, William and Kimberly Slaughter.  Through the years, the farm has gone through transitions from a full time farming operation, to part time row cropping and hay production, to its present Christmas tree operation. The first Christmas trees were planted in 1996 with the first sales in 1999. The farm consists of 90 acres with approximately 20 acres in Christmas tree production. Much of the farm is forested, providing a traditional back-to-nature Christmas feeling when searching for a tree.

Old Barn Front View_Snow_Cropped

The Christmas tree farm is named after the farm’s barn which was affectionately referred to as “The Old Barn”. W.B. Slaughter built the barn in the early 1930s. It served the farm’s needs for many years. Unfortunately, The Old Barn was lost due to a tornado in the spring of 2011. However, The Old Barn Shoppe continues to offer Christmas decor, crafts, wreaths, ornaments, gifts and baked goods.

The Old Barn Christmas Tree Farm is committed to providing our customers with high quality products and service. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery as you wander over the fields and through the woods to find your special tree. We cordially invite you to visit and share in our family heritage at The Old Barn Christmas Tree Farm.

~The Slaughter Family

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